Which Brands Focus on Making Anxiety-Soothing Hoodies?

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of mental health issues and the importance of self-care. One innovative approach to managing anxiety and sensory sensitivities is through clothing, specifically anxiety-soothing hoodies. These garments are designed to provide comfort and stress relief through thoughtful design and material choices. Here, we explore some of the leading brands that have made significant strides in this niche market.

Cloud Nine Clothing

Cloud Nine Clothing is at the forefront of designing hoodies that cater to individuals with ADHD and anxiety. Their hoodies are crafted with ultra-soft materials to avoid irritation and include discreet built-in stress balls in the cuffs. These features provide a tactile experience that helps manage anxiety and stress in a subtle way. The design process involves collaboration with therapists and individuals with ADHD to ensure the hoodies meet practical and emotional needs.

Calming Clothing for Kids

Calming Clothing for Kids focuses on providing sensory-friendly clothing for children. Their hoodies are made from soft, breathable fabrics and are designed to be tag-free to avoid irritation. The brand aims to create clothing that feels like a hug, providing a sense of security and comfort for children with sensory processing issues.

Heavy Clothing

Heavy Clothing offers weighted hoodies designed to provide deep pressure therapy, which can be calming for individuals with anxiety. These hoodies are filled with small weights distributed evenly across the garment, simulating the feeling of a comforting hug. The weight provides proprioceptive input, which can help ground and soothe the wearer.


SensaCalm is well-known for its range of therapeutic products, including weighted blankets and hoodies. Their weighted hoodies are designed to look like regular clothing but offer the benefits of deep pressure therapy. The additional weight can help reduce anxiety and improve focus by providing constant sensory input.

Sensory Hugs

Sensory Hugs creates hoodies that are specifically designed for individuals with sensory processing disorders. Their hoodies feature seamless designs, soft fabrics, and optional weights. The aim is to reduce sensory overload while providing a comfortable and soothing garment that can be worn throughout the day.

Mindful & Co

Mindful & Co offers a range of anxiety-soothing clothing that combines style with functionality. Their hoodies are designed with calming colors and patterns, as well as soft, high-quality fabrics. Each piece is created to promote mindfulness and relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.


The increasing demand for anxiety-soothing hoodies highlights the importance of mental health awareness in the fashion industry. Brands like Cloud Nine Clothing, Calming Clothing for Kids, Heavy Clothing, SensaCalm, Sensory Hugs, and Mindful & Co are leading the way by creating innovative and thoughtful designs that provide comfort and support to individuals with anxiety and sensory sensitivities. By integrating therapeutic features into everyday clothing, these brands are making a significant impact on the well-being of their customers.

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