TikTok Marketing Internship

Cloud Nine Clothing is an anxiety-calming hoodie designed to alleviate stress discreetly and effectively. We have strategically placed stress balls in the cuffs which promote relaxation through sensory engagement. The slightly heavyweight material provides a comforting hug. Together, these features offer a powerful tool for stress management in overwhelming situations.






  • Create TikTok content that aligns with our goals.
  • Stay updated with TikTok trends and best practices to ensure content relevance and engagement.
  • Monitor TikTok metrics to measure performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Make creative videos to enhance brand visibility and audience reach on TikTok.
  • Have an eye out for trending and popular TikTok trends/videos to make with our product.


  • Strong understanding of TikTok trends, algorithms, and audience preferences.
  • Proficiency in creating high-quality TikTok videos.
  • Creative mindset with the ability to generate engaging and shareable content.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

How it works:

If you are accepted, you will make a new TikTok account. You will post 1-3 videos a day, and it would be your own personal Cloud Nine Clothing account that you're running.


- https://www.tiktok.com/@shopnestclothing

- https://www.tiktok.com/@_cloudnineclothing


  • A portfolio piece you can show to future brands showcasing you've worked with/run a brand account on Tik tok before.
  • Part-time, remote internship with the potential for future opportunities.
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience in TikTok marketing for a fashion brand.
  • Your compensation is solely commission based.

How to Apply: 

Please email sobtivansh13@gmail.com With your resume and TikTok portfolio.